Kundalini Massage is a progressive therapy working with your Kundalini Energy, the essential life force energy within each of us. It is a powerful and subtle way to assist you to move the energies in your body, and allow for the Kundalini energy to flow.

Within the Kundalini Massage the practitioner works with gentle massage, Pranayama, Mudras, and Chakra clearing therapy to assist with the Kundalini energy to flow in the body. This flow of energy will open up and unblock the chakras thus uncovering the obstacles to Kundalini Awareness.

The movement of the Kundalini will become stronger as you work your way up through the body, finally arriving at the Crown Chakra, clearing blockages from your past, present and future experiences, allowing any issues which are laying stuck within your body to move up and out so that you can finally allow the healing of the body on a physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional level.


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