Stress can kill you!

As we go through each and every day, stuff comes up, or things happen that cause us to get angry, frustrated, sad, worried, and bewildered. At the same time, there are many things that occur to bring us joy, happiness, playfulness, bliss, wonder, excitement and a myriad of other positive feel good moments. What a lot of people do not realize however is that we actually have a choice as to how we will feel about the things that occur in our lives. Think about it, your watching your favorite football team play and they lose the game. That can make you feel sad or frustrated ect... while the person next to you on the sofa is elated! Same event, two different ways of feeling. While you may not like the fact your team lost, you could choose to be happy for your friend and share in that elation, instead of wallowing in the negative emotions caused by your disappointment. 

It has been scientifically proven that our thoughts affect our health. Constantly being in the feelings of high stress and anxiety can weaken our immune system and lead to disease. ( dis - ease ) The following link leads to a great article on how our thoughts physically reshape and rewire our brains. Steven Parton,  writes about his discoveries and how the neurons in our brains are influenced by our thoughts and why we tend to think one thing before another, and it comes down to choice, though we may not always be conscious of it. When we practice being mindful of our thoughts we can reshape our brains, our feelings, our reactions to the world around us and shape the life what we want, as opposed to reacting to the life we have. Give it a read.

The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you.