Our mission at Heart~N~Hands Holistic Integrated Health LLC is to provide each and every person with the greatest care, consideration, and treatment that is aligned with their highest good. To have them leave feeling that they received the healing they were looking for,  and exactly what they needed to improve their health,  happiness, and wholeness.

My name is Mark R. Davenport. I am a Licensed massage therapist, LMT#-17783, and Certified Reiki Master. I am happily married now for 38+ years and have three grown children. I have spent my life taking care of people, first as a Hospital Corpsman, learning massage while in the Navy, and then by working in the fields of Radiology performing diagnostic Ultrasounds, and Cardiology performing Echocardiography on both adults and children.

I started my Mindfulness practices several years ago doing yoga where I learned about the energy body, chakras, meditation and how to channel and use our energy for healing purposes.  I first used these Eastern Medicine techniques to heal myself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  These methods, used by Eastern medicine, helped bring a sense of joy and wholeness to myself which lead me to realize,  I could combine these ancient teachings with the modern western knowledge I have amassed over the past 38 years, and help people to heal themselves.